What do you guys do?
Hammer & Hand is a general contractor that works with designers, architects, and clients on a variety of projects including commercial construction, new homes, remodels, and high performance buildings. We are dedicated to better building through service, craft, and science.

Do you have in-house designers and architects?
No, we do not have in-house designers or architects; we’re focused on being the best general contractor we can be. We collaborate with a diverse cadre of architectural firms and will match you with a designer whose expertise, style, and personality best serve you and your project. If you already have a designer selected, we’re happy to work with them as well. Visit our Partnering with Architects page to read more about how we collaborate with architect and client on all of our projects.

My project is small, do I need an architect/designer?
Yes. We need architectural drawings and specifications to guide our installations, so the services of a design professional will most likely be necessary. Even for small projects that don’t require additional design input, plans are necessary to efficiently and accurately communicate project expectations to our skilled craftspeople and subcontractors. They are also necessary to secure permits to do the work. The scope of project we normally undertake requires a design professional. If you need help finding the right designer, we are happy to refer you to a few that may be a good match.

What factors impact the cost of a project?
Construction costs for any new build or remodeling project can vary significantly. In addition to the level of finish desired, many other factors are at play. This could include the ability for us to access the space (is it in a high rise or a stand alone building with lots of staging area?), are there adequate utilities in place (or do they need to be upgraded or moved?), and what is the construction schedule (do we need to expedite the work?). With answers to these questions, as well as a keen eye for finding efficiencies, we can zero in on a budget that meets the goals of the project.

Do you do projects on the coast?
Yes, for large remodels, new homes, and commercial projects. For logistical reasons, we can’t do smaller projects on the coast.

How big is your custom door and window shop?
Our woodshop is 3000sf with 2-3 shop carpenters. We can generally take on up to 5 projects at a time.

How much does a custom wood window/door cost?
Custom window sashes start at $950, with operable windows starting at $1,500. Custom doors (non-Passive House) also start at $1,500. A few factors that impact cost are wood species, design, and finish selection. Due to the cost of specialized components and materials like multipoint locking mechanisms, gasketing, and high performance insulation, a custom Passive House door starts at about $8,000.

Do you offer services such as replacing windows/doors (installation only)?
As part of a larger project scope or for long standing clients, yes. However, it may be more economical to source a small remodeling company or a handyman service.

Can you refer me to an alternative contractor if my project’s scope isn’t a good fit with H&H?
We are happy to direct you to outside resources that will assist you with your project.


What types of commercial projects does Hammer & Hand build?

We work on a variety of commercial project types including, but not limited to: offices, restaurants, breweries, boutiques, mixed use, multi-family, clinics, and retail stores.

What about custom built furniture and elements for my business?

Our woodshop has crafted many pieces for businesses around Portland and Seattle including reclaimed barnwood tables for a restaurant, a custom elm bar for a local brewery, a built-in faux teardrop trailer for a retail space’s dressing room, and many more. Whether or not we’re building the rest of the project, we’re happy to come on board for unique, handcrafted finishing touches that will make your business environment sing.

What size of projects will you work on?

For general contracting, we are structured to be most cost effective at projects starting at the full tenant improvement/remodel scale on up to multistory TIs and new buildings. For custom millwork projects, smaller or one-off pieces are right up our alley.

If you’re looking for help with little tasks like installing hardware or patching a roof, connecting with a handyman or smaller contractor may be your best bet.

How much do you charge per square foot for a commercial tenant improvement?

Due to the specialized nature of commercial projects, one size (or in this case, cost per square foot) does not fit all. After an initial discussion about the project scope, schedule, and other details we should be able provide a very rough assessment of cost. The accuracy of any cost discussion is directly proportionate to the amount of detail that can be provided. A phone call is generally enough to provide a wide range square foot cost.

For information on the process of building and opening a restaurant check out this post.

Do you do commercial work out of state?

Not typically. We serve the Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington metro regions, including NW Oregon and the I-5 corridor up through Everett.

How long until I can open for business?

Project time frames depend on the project type and construction schedule. While we can give a preliminary timeline, the complete schedule only becomes clear once the project design is nearing completion. We are dedicated to working with our commercial clients on a timeline that works for them and their business.

Can Hammer & Hand help me find a building lot or commercial space for my business?

Our position in the construction world does sometimes allow insight into real estate opportunities. We are happy to pass these along to potential clients we know are seeking similar opportunities, especially if we can be a part of the project team! We can also provide information about a space that might be helpful in the real estate negotiation process. That being said, we are not a licensed real estate agent and generally do not actively search for land/spaces with clients.