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Home Energy Audit & Retrofit Solutions

It’s 2014. You can expect better performance from your house, and we’ve got the building science today to make it happen.

A home energy remodel by Hammer & Hand is an investment in your home’s comfort and the planet’s future. Our building science technicians will uncover the hidden causes of poor energy efficiency, poor indoor air quality, and thermal discomfort in your home and prescribe the most effective home energy improvements. Our craftspeople will then perform retrofit measures to increase energy efficiency, reduce home energy consumption, and transform your home’s performance.

Photo Guide to Home Performance by H&H:

1. ASSESS – Eliminate the Guesswork
Our Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® assessment will thoroughly audit your home’s energy performance and uncover the hidden causes of discomfort and energy waste. With data from your home in hand, our building science technicians will provide a detailed home performance diagnosis and recommend the most effective prescriptions for your home energy retrofit.

Our home performance assessment includes a blower door airtightness test, duct tightness test, combustion safety testing, visual inspection, review of utility bills, computer modeling, and a house-as-a-system analysis by our building science team.

2. TRANSFORM – Retrofit Your Home
We combine expert building science with precision craftsmanship to deliver the smartest, most lasting home energy remodels. From weather stripping to cutting-edge insulation to deep energy retrofits, our execution ensures maximum return on your home efficiency investments.

We hold the requisite Building Performance Institute (BPI) certifications, of course. But we’re also Certified Passive House Consultants, today’s gold standard of building science. We have the expertise to revolutionize your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

3. GET CASH – Rebates & Financing
By taking advantage of GreenStreet Lending from Umpqua Bank and robust government rebates, you’ll find that home energy efficiency and comfort are easily within reach.

Savings on your energy bill will offset a big part of the investment, making an energy remodel a win-win-win for your home, your pocketbook, and the planet.

4. ENJOY – A Comfortable & Efficient Home.
A home energy remodel Hammer & Hand can transform the old house you love into a model of comfort and energy efficiency, worthy of the 21st century.

COMFORT and QUIET. Warmth in the winter, cool in the summer, and the peace and quiet of an efficient home.

EFFICIENCY. Lower utility bills and the satisfaction in reducing your impact on the planet.

HEALTH and SAFETY. The peace of mind that the air you and your household breath is fresh and clean.

A SMART INVESTMENT. Affordable financing, reduced energy bills, and increased sellability of your house.

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