Passive House Construction

Photos of Passive House (Passivhaus) construction by Portland/Seattle green building contractor Hammer & Hand.

Extraordinary performance.

Passive House construction ushers in a new wave of high performance green building, employing airtight construction, super-insulation, and heat-recovery fresh-air ventilation to achieve 90% reductions in energy used for heating and cooling. 

By combining straight-forward building technologies with advanced building modeling, the Passive House approach avoids expensive gadgetry or strange building design.  In fact, Passive House buildings' beauty rivals that of any other project: see the Karuna House and the Pumpkin Ridge Passive House.

Passive House buildings are the most comfortable, peaceful, and healthy living or working spaces available anywhere. See the Glasswood Commercial Passive House Retrofit and Ballard Passive House. They also offer practical, local solutions to big, global energy problems.

To achieve this, Passive House design employs 7 principles:
   1. superinsulate.
   2. eliminate "thermal bridges".
   3. build airtight.
   4. ventilate with energy recovery.
   5. use good windows & doors.
   6. optimize solar & heat gains.
   7. model with advanced software.

The result?  All heating needs in a typical Passive House can be met by a heater the size of a hair dryer.  Heat from people, lights, appliances and the sun does the rest.  Our Certified Passive House Consultants can optimize the right design for you and your Portland or Seattle Passive House.

Passive House (Passivhaus) by Portland & Seattle builder Hammer And Hand

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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