Hammer & Hand is a construction company, based in Portland and Seattle, that incites evolution in building through service, craft and science.  Established in 1995 by two Reed College graduates, Sam Hagerman and Daniel Thomas, we began as a remodeler of historic Portland homes.  The firm’s work quickly expanded, however, and now includes new home building, commercial construction, and the execution of both traditional and modern designs by the region’s top architectural firms.  In 2001 Hammer & Hand expanded to Seattle, and recently opened offices at the Bullitt Center, the noted Living Building and “greenest office building in the world.”

A company of carpenters, Hammer & Hand has grown to nearly 100 employees between its Portland and Seattle operations.  We construct buildings that sustain and delight by empowering employees, harnessing 21st century building science, and advancing the tradition of craftsmanship.  This effort is built on five pillars:

  • Craft: durable, precise work performed by Hammer & Hand’s career carpenters.
  • Building science: new levels of home performance achieved through a physics- and systems-based understanding of how buildings function.
  • Collaboration with clients and designers: superior homes born of thorough and effective collaboration between the three legs of the project development stool – client, designer and builder.
  • Rigorous project management: on-time and on-budget projects delivered through clear communication, open books, and project management acumen.
  • Empowered employees: service to the client and the designer via service to the employee – happy employees create happy clients.

Through our focus on Passive House construction over the past several years, we have emerged as a regional and national leader in high performance green building, bringing transformational energy performance and quality-assured durability to our green projects.  Even as we push the boundaries of high performance building, and even as that work transforms the way we approach even “conventional” projects, we remain rooted in the craft-based remodels and new buildings that got us started 20 years ago.